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Credit Card Authorizations

This form authorizes your MA World Travel agent to process payments and credit card holds for your vacation on your behalf. Please read the form carefully and complete all information. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do NOT include your entire credit card number on this form. You will provide that to your agent by phone or in person.

Cardholder Authorization

I certify that I am the cardholder listed above.
I authorize MA World Travel to process payments on my behalf using my credit card.
I certify that I will authorize specific charge amounts by sending an email to my MA World Travel agent prior to payment.


By signing my first and last name in the box, I certify that I agree to conduct this transaction by electronic means. I also certify that I am responsible for payment of all charges listed above and will hold MA World Travel and its agents harmless with respect to those payments, and any other payments MA World Travel processes on my behalf.